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Production and mounting services

  • Production, delivery and mounting of machines, plants and components
  • Mounting new systems (mechanics, hydraulics and electrics)
  • Upgrading and retrofitting production facilities, repairs and revisions
  • Own manufacturing with modern machinery as well as extensive stocking of spare parts of standard components to react as fast as possible when necessary (e.g. standstill, damage)
  • Production and installation of plants and components used in special purpose machinery manufacture
  • On site commissioning and subsequent service features (repair, revision and maintenance) 

We benefit from the extensive experience of our staff in commissioning, inspecting and maintaining such plants and components. This experience is especially valuable when upgrading plants, which have been in operation for many decades. Thus, we can carry out the installation within a small time frame or at weekends in order to minimize standstill times.

We have our own efficient and quality controlled production site Ratingen, which enables us to offer a high-quality production and to react quickly to urgent spare part requirements, e.g. in case of a plant standstill.

  • Production of precision turned parts on CNC lathes (MAG Boehringer) up to a diameter of 500mm and a length of 3000mm.
  • Production of precision milled parts on 5 axes CNC-machining centres (DMG) 700 mm x 700 mm x 500 mm LxWxH and boring machines (UNION TNC 110) 1.600 mm x 1.400 mm x 1.200 mm LxWxH.
  • Conventional round grinding dia. 350 mm x 1800 mm, honing dia. 300 mm x 2500 mm, boring (TM50-1600, holder MK5) and NC-controlled sawing 270 mm x 270 mm WxH
  • Program can be entered.
  • Mechanical and precision components of all types can be produced and worked efficiently as individual pieces, in small series and big series.

We process every kind of material such as steel, machining steel, tool steel, stainless steel (VA, V2A, V4A), aluminium, plastics (Teflon), copper, brass, red brass and bronze.

Our competence – complete processing

  • According to drawings
  • Individual pieces or small series, also prototypes
  • CNC-production or manual production

In order to test the components the latest measuring technology is available, including a measuring center, from TESA.

Diashow Fertigungs- und Montagemöglichkeiten

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