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Flushing of pipes

Flushing of pipes

In order to ensure trouble-free operation of complex hydraulic systems after reinstallation of the piping or the modification of existing hydraulic systems on-site, WINTER offers its customers the flushing of hydraulic systems via mobile flushing aggregates especially developed for this purpose.

Our flushing aggregates are equipped with large-volume pumps and a switchable large double filtering unit with which the hydraulic and pipe systems can be flushed with a pressure of up to max. 50 bar and with specific oils.

Various filter elements with customer-specific filter cartridges can be installed in the filter of the mobile flushing aggregate, as well as special micro filters with a water separation function.

The mobile flushing aggregates are WINTER'S own designs, and they are continuously adapted and developed to the requirements of our customers.

By flushing with the mobile flushing aggregate, foreign parts and contaminants (chips, dirt, etc.), which may have entered the hydraulic system during piping assembly or the modification of an existing hydraulic system, are filtered out from the system before hydraulic commissioning is carried out.

This means that hydraulic components sensitive to dirt, such as variable capacity pumps and proportional valves, are protected.

The flushing process is continued until the required degree of cleanliness in the hydraulic system is achieved. Afterwards, an oil analysis  or microbiological monitoring according to NAS 1638 or ISO 4406 is carried out, proving the required cleanliness of the system.

The advantages of flushing with a mobile flushing aggregate are primarily as follows:

  • Assurance of a cleaned hydraulic system without internal contamination before the commissioning the entire hydraulic system.
  • Avoidance of unplanned plant standstills and interruption of production: avoidance of pollution-related, cost-intensive pump and valve breakdowns at variable capacity pumps and high-quality valves with proportional positioning elements and pilot valves.
  • Longer lifetime of the installed hydraulic components by reduction of operational wear.

Apart from the flushing aggregate, WINTER also offers the partial control of field piping on-site, even if they have been assembled by third party hydraulic companies or the customer himself.