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Repair of cylinders

In our own mechanical production, and with the support of our long-standing suppliers we repair and modify oil and water hydraulic operated hydraulic cylinders and valve control blocks, as well as several other functional subassemblies and components.

WINTER has modern production facilities, high-quality equipment for the proper detection of errors and subsequent repair and a testing unit specially produced for testing the functions after the repair.

After recording the damages, before the repair starts, you receive a detailed cost estimate in which all required repair work is listed.

Our qualified members of personnel are experienced in all areas of hydraulics. If, when  recording the damages, it is discovered that the lifetime of hydraulic components can be considerably increased by an improvement, by a technical modification, a change in the hydraulic control or the protection of components, this will be mentioned either in the cost estimate or directly clarified with you by our service department.

Diashow Zylinderreperatur

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