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Outdoor Driving Gears / electric rope winches

Outdoor Driving Gears / electric rope winches

Our company's product range also includes the development and production of outdoor driving gears. This product range includes rope winches, jacks, spindles, electrically driven cylinders and other special drives. We supply all drives with either 24V DC or AC motors. Every driving gear is also fitted with an emergency manual control.

On request, WINTER rope winches can be supplied with an adjustable slack rope and mechanical tensile force limitation. The current operating range of the rope winches is up to a maximum cable force of 40 kN with a usable cable length of 30 meters.

WINTER spindles and jacks are fitted with anti-twist devices. Depending on the design, they can handle axial forces of up to 100 kN and lateral forces of up to 15 kN in the traverse movement.

Our team designs and optimizes every outdoor driving gear to meet specific customer requirements.