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Abrasive cutters

Since the mid-1970s, WINTER Maschinenbau has been developing and producing robust abrasive cutters for universal use in materialography and for separating tasks in production and quality control. The abrasive cutters feature a high cutting capacity and a spacious and easily accessible cutting chamber. They guarantee a high-speed cutting process without thermal damages, minor wear of the cutting disk as well as smooth and deformation-free sample surfaces, even when cutting large work pieces or for high production volumes.

The standard abrasive cutters from WINTER Maschinenbau are now available with a drive power of 2 kW (Cuto 20), 3.5 kW (Cuto 35), 5.5 kW (WetCut 55), 7.5 kW (WetCut 75) and 11 kW (WetCut 110).

Cutters with a drive power of up to 5.5 kW consist of a cast aluminium machine bed on which the cutting chamber is mounted. The machine bed of the 7.5 kW and 11 kW cutter has a solid welded construction.

On models with a drive power of above 5.5 kW, the cutting wheel motor is housed separately from the working area behind the cutting chamber and on models up to 3.5 kW it is physically separated from the work room inside the housing.

The control electronics of models with a drive power above 5.5 kW are located in a laterally mounted separate switch cabinet.  On models up to 3.5 kW it is integrated into the housing.

On the models with a drive power up to 3.5 kW, the material to be cut is fed using the X axis and on models with a drive power above 5.5 kW the X, Y and Z infeed axes are used.

All machines can easily be cleaned using a water hose placed in the cutting chamber.