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Automatic feeding device

Please click on the picture to see a presentation
Please click on the picture to see a presentation

The automatic feed is an optional assembly which can be attached to the abrasive cutter Cuto20, Cuto35, WetCut 55 and WetCut 75/110.




The automatic feed is a controlled drive unit of the adjusting spindle. The maximum travel of the slide can be set using the adjustable limit switches.

By pushing the start button, the slide moves forward at the set speed, which can be adjusted at the potentiometer. The cutting process is carried out with a permanent speed until either the programmed feed time or the maximum feed force is reached. In this case, the slide will be pulled back during an adjustable time period and will stay in this position during the adjustable break time. The coolant ensures sufficient cooling down of the blade clearance and the material before starting the new cycle.

If the limit switch is reached, the slide will move back in its initial position at a maximum speed. The cutting operation can also be stopped manually by pushing the button “STOP” and the slide can be moved back by pushing the function key “F2”

Manual emergency function

In order to move the slide manually in case of emergency, the safety hand wheel must be pushed towards the cutter and cranked at the same time. If the pressure drops, the safety hand wheel disengages automatically.

The increased modulus of resistance for cranking is normal, because the complete gear motor must be rotated as well.

Collision monitoring

If the slide cannot move with the adjusted values, e.g. because a mechanical collision exists, the slide will automatically be moved backwards to the front end position after 5 seconds.