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Accessories and consumables

As accessories, we supply recirculating units for cooling water including filters with capacities of 60/90 or 150 l which can easily be connected to the abrasive cutter. The electrical connection is made via a socket at the back of the operator panel on the abrasive cutter and the hose connection via a quick coupling.

For all types of abrasive cutters, we offer sturdy cabinets on wheels in which the recirculating units for cooling water can be placed.

We quickly supply high-quality and affordable consumables for sample preparation for the metal working industry, for automotive, aviation, universities/colleges, geology and mining, the oil and gas industry, microelectronics and human and veterinary medicine.

Abrasive cutting disks

Synthetic resin and rubber bonded cutting disks in the standard diameters 250, 300, 350 and 400 mm for all usual cutting machines. Special sizes on request.

CBN cutting disks

These cutting disks are especially suitable for cutting hardened iron alloys and hard metals.

Diamond cutting disks

We offer a variety of diamond cutting disks.

The application includes the cutting of non-metallic samples such as ceramics, glass, components of microelectronics, rock samples, and composites.

Moreover, we would be pleased to provide you with a detailed quotation for the appropriate clamping devices depending on the shape and size of the materials to be cut.

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