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Piping construction

Our aims are absolute leak tightness, reliable holding of pipes under all operating conditions, high pressure resistance and sufficient pipe dimensions taking into account the customized applications and surrounding conditions.

The piping work is carried out according to your requirements or the construction design, dimensioning and the choice of suitable screw connections and pipe qualities ( e.g. stainless steel, chromed or chemically nickel-plated or coated pipes) through our qualified WINTER hydraulics specialists.

WINTER personnel is specially trained to build pipe systems with welded nipples and flange connections, alternatively with cutting rings and flanged screw fittings. Furthermore, we have specialists for the assembly of ultra high pressure screw connections (up to 1,200 bar) and also for gas-tight screw connections from various well-known manufacturers.

WINTER has several mobile tube bending and trimming machines, as well as the required special tools for pipe assembly.

Our service technicians have various pieces of mobile equipment for flushing, for pressure tests and for pressure acceptance of the piping systems after completion on-site. (See Flushing of pipes).

You can expect smooth assembly processes, based on detailed assembly scheduling and detailled instruction of our personnel before the service start, as well as a competent customer service team.

Our service does not end there: we can carry out maintenance, repair and overhaul work, as well as modifications and pipe adjustments quickly, professionally and reliably on-site.

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