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Coil processing

Technical data of WINTER strip feed plant:

Material: aluminium steel sheets and stainless steel sheets

(untreated, galvanized and/or coated)

Sheet thickness: standard range 0.1- approx. 10 mm

*=available as special construction to approx. 25 mm on customer’s request

Sheet weights: 500 kg to max. approx. 35.000 kg

Strip thickness: standard range 0.1-  approx. 10 mm

*= available as special construction to approx. 25 mm on customer’s request

Strip speed: standard range 1 m/min- to approx. 100 m/min*

*=depending on the max. coil weight, available on customer request as a special construction; also with higher speeds up to certain coil dimensions after technical clarification

Feeding accuracy: to +/- 0.1 mm

The WINTER machinery program covers (an extract):

- Coiler and decoilers in several designs and with various additional applications

- Gripper feed equipment with electro-hydraulic rotary slide valve / linear amplifier

- Roll feeds with or without hydraulic intermediate ventilation

- Slitting lines and circular shears

- Long seam trimmers

- Cross cutting devices / cropping shears

- Punching units, stationary or mobile

- Combined feeding devices

- Circular strip oiler and proportioning systems for strip oiling systems

- Guillotines

- Roll forming machines

- Feed rollers and brake wheel benches

- Bending and straightening machines

- Combined edge and bending devices, with or without integrated cross cutting device

- End of strip-welding machines

- Transport systems for coils / coil carriages

- Automatic transfer and destacking systems

- Customized feeding and handling constructions

- Special constructions for circuit board and coil-handling manufacturing plants

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