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Special-purpose solutions

Special-purpose solutions

Rotary slide valves are also called electro-hydraulic linear amplifiers.

The extension and the retraction forces and the max. working stroke are determined by the cylinder dimensions in this cylinder design.

The rotary slide valves in this WINTER special cylinder are directly assembled in the cylinder bottom. Thus the flow losses, and consequently the pressure losses are minimized. Rotary slide valves are available in several nominal sizes for volume flows from 40 l/min  to approx. 600 l/min, with a pressure loss at Qmax. between 25 bar to max. 50 bar.

In case of very high dynamic and movement speeds (to approx. 1500 mm/sec), large masses with very high positioning accuracy (up to +/-0.1 mm) can be reached.

The reference setting for the movement and positioning of the cylinder (starting and stopping points / working stroke) is usually carried out by a servo axis, mainly consisting of a servo motor as a mechanical correcting element for the rotary slide valve and a servo controller.

Alternatively it is possible to operate the mechanic correcting elements via step motors for example.

The advantage of a servo axis, however, is the option of free programming to suit  the respective case.

The servo controller can be used to freely and easily program various customer specific speed profiles, feed lengths, starting and stopping positions and starting and braking ramps - including for several different feeding strokes.

The servo axis can be integrated on-site into the entire system.

Alternatively WINTER also offers independently working advance controls with a process data highway interface for the plant control system.