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Antenna rotators

Antenna rotators

One of our core areas of expertise is the development and construction of antenna rotators:

For a period of more than 40 years our company has delivered these units to postal services, different broadcasting companies and regulatory authorities for telecommunications as well as to German Federal Armed Forces and NATO. They were primarily designed for mobile antenna support systems; however, the rotators are also mounted onto stationary masts and towers.

Our antenna rotators stand out due to directional stability and positioning accuracy, high driving torques and a most favorable power to weight ratio, whereas the latter is particularly important regarding the load bearing capacity of the support systems. 

Due to the low weight of the rotators compared to the antenna size several systems can be mounted onto an antenna support at the same time. All types of antenna rotators can be equipped with an electronic position pre-selection and position indication.

In case of a power failure, absolute encoders will indicate the actual position after termination of the error. Parabolic antennas with a diameter of 0.3 to 3.0 m can be included as standard. Of course, WINTER antenna rotators are suitable for log-periodic antennas, cameras, measuring systems, weather radars, mobile communications, broadcasting, offshore communications and high frequency radars etc. as well as special antenna designs.

In addition to the rotator version AZ/EL (azimuth and elevation) WINTER also delivers rotators for AZ (azimuth) only.

"Seit vielen Jahren beziehen wir Antennenrotore, Antennensteuerungen, Getriebe und Seilwinden der Firma Wilhelm Winter & Co.KG.

Wir schätzen die die gute Produktqualität , zeitgerechte Lieferungen,  problemlose,  prompte und zuverlässige Auftragsabwicklung sowie die stets kompetente und freundliche Beratung.

Nach Lieferung der Produkte besteht eine gute Zusammenarbeit bei Service und Ersatzteillieferungen." 

Bernd Korditzki, Leiter Service/Service Manager, SMAG Mobile Antenna Masts GmbH

Diashow Antennenrotore

speed AZ/EL up to 6 degress/sec.