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Long seam and cross seam trimming

long seam trimmer
long seam trimmer

Modern, environmentally friendly and easily controllable heating systems are state-of-the-art. The required radiators consist of stamped upper and lower metal sheets which are welded afterwards. The resulting weld seams are trimmed using long seam and cross trimmers from WINTER Maschinenbau, giving a straight, flat edge with high dimensional accuracy. 

The cutting burr is removed and the edges are rounded in one single operation.

The waste material produced during this process is crushed inside the machine by a rotating chopper system.

Radiator heights of 200 to 1000 mm and radiator lengths of up to 3000 mm can be processed without any problems.

WINTER Maschinenbau trimmers are designed for either one or two-sided trimming.

General description of long seam trimmer Q133

Technical details of long seam trimmer

General description of cross seam trimmer

Technical details of cross seam trimmer