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Coilers and decoilers

Technical details:

Loading weight: from approx. 300 kg up to 35.000 kg

Widths of belt: standard range 200 - 3000 mm
(available as customized special solution: mandrel lengths up to approx. 4500 mm)

Sheet thickness: standard range 0.3 – 10.0 mm

Special characteristics

Technical solutions for nearly every application, realized as pull-off decoiler, decoilers and coilers, realized as fixed reversing coilers.

Decoiler frames in solid welding construction, fixed, pivoted (= double decoiler mandrel) or movable on frame for floor mounting.

Mandrel spreading, hydraulically operated via a coiler mandrel integrated in an expanding cylinder   (Advantage: continuously adjustable expansion pressure avoids damages of coil material).

Mandrel drive, respectively mandrel brake, the coiling, decoiling and braking is preferably executed via a hydraulic motor which is controlled by proportional-directional pressure valves.

Alternatively, all WINTER coilers and decoilers are available with electric AC or DC drives and mechanically working safety brake systems.

Additional applications for WINTER coiler are possible:

  • Retractable pinch rolls with or without drives
  • Diverse lateral guidances adjustable manually or motor-controlled
  • Diverse additional options, such as insertion of protective films during coiling operation, pluggable coil side support for operation of the plant with small coils
  • Retractable, extendable declamping tongues
  • Several coil loading and coil turning systems, unloading systems
  • Hydraulically operated mandrel unloading systems and solutions for the automatic centric loading of the coiler mandrel, for the automatic recording of the coil breadth, for systems solution for highly dynamic contact-free working strip edge controller.

Coil lifting devices designed as lifting cylinder, alternativelyalso designed as scissor lifting table, either as fixed or movable version available.