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General description cross seam trimmers:

Drive of upper cutter bar: via eccentric shaft with gear brake motor

Max. stroke of upper cutter bar: 80 mm

Lower cutter bar: adjustable via eccentric shaft

Adjustment of bottom cutter bars: 10 mm, via eccentric rolls, driven by pneumatic cylinders

The cutting clearance is set at the two bottom cutter bars by adjusting two blade receivers via traction bolts / pressure screws.

Mech. hold-down clamps in sturdy steel construction, pressing force is adjustable via 3 plunger cylinders, adjustment of pressing force via hydr. pressure relief valves.

Machine column designed in heavy steel construction.

Upper and lower cutter bars are mounted in a sturdy pillar guide.

The cross seam trimmer is designed for assembly in an existing welding line. The radiators are fed and positioned via roller conveyors and flute counters available in the welding line.

The cross seam trimmer trims the back of a radiator and, in the same step, the front of the subsequent radiator. The strip edges fall via a slide sheet into a scrap container through the opening in the bottom cutter bar behind the cross seam trimmer.

The disposal of the strip edges is possible via a belt conveyor, which is not included in the WINTER standard scope of supply.

A seam width of min. 4 mm is required for safe operation of the cross trimming machine!

If required, prefabricated motor cables as well as a 16 + 1 wire control cable with plug can be connected in the terminal box of the machine.

The machine can be equipped at an extra cost with an autonomously working contactor control.