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General description of long seam trimmers Q133


The WINTER long seam trimmer mainly consists of:

  • Base frame with built-in  main drive, backed by a slipping clutch and width adjustment with digital height display
  • Adjustable uprights with height-adjustable driven guide rollers, height adjustable driven roller blade units, driven deburrer rollers, lateral guide rollers and outlet rollers
  • Seam guide with tool, chip clearance evacuation tube and separately driven chopper
  • Telescopic spring cover on all rotating shafts
  • The lateral posts are adjustable on the base frame
  • The width adjustment is carried out by an electric gear motor with limit switch check and threaded spindles


The guide rollers, roller blade units and deburrer roller are driven via a spline shaft, gear and chain drive from the spur gear brake motor. The drive systems in the lateral posts are fitted with central oil lubrication via a lubrication pump and progressive distributor.

The bearing of the guide rollers, roller blades, deburrer blades and outlet-rollers are carried in a  roller bearing.

The waste strip produced during cutting is passed through the seam guide and the transport tube, pneumatically blown out with compressed air, then transferred to the chopper where it is cut to scrap length according to the throughput speed. 

The width of the waste strip must not fall below 2.5 mm, to ensure safe operation.

The chopper consists of two circular knives equipped with two blades.

The waste falls out downwards and can be removed with containers or chip conveyors, laterally pulled away.

Electrical installation carried out with the terminal box, 2 limit switches for limiting height and 4 proximity switches 1 pc. 1 to 1 pc. 4 (1St1 bis 1St4) for plant link (or 5 proximity switches for automatic height adjustment).

If requested, prefabricated motor cables as well as a 16 + 1 wire control cable with plug can be connected in the terminal box. 

Alternatively, the machine can be equipped  at an extra cost with an autonomously working contactor control and with a light barrier monitoring function to control the automatic seam waste chopper system.