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Technical details WINTER long seam trimmers:

Technical data:

Sheet thickness max.:  2 x 1.25 mm = 2.5 mm

Minimal panel width approx.: 200 mm

Maximal panel width approx.: 1000 mm

Minimal seam width:  2.5 mm

Passage speed: approx. 25 m/min.

Passage height: 1000 mm

Width adjustment: approx. 20 mm/sec.

Seam scrap length      < 60 mm+ remaining seam part max. length 250 mm

Driving power:

Main motor:  4.0 KW

Chopper:  2 x 1.5 KW

Width adjustment: 0.18 KW

Supply connections required on-site:

Mains voltage motors: Motor 400 V 50 Hz

Control voltages

Brake chopper:   to be agreed

Solenoid valves:  24 V DC

Compressed air connection:  6 bar, G1"