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Bending and levelling machines:

Material: steel sheet, aluminium and stainless steel sheets (not treated, galvanized and/or coated)

Sheet / strip thickness: standard range* 0,1 – approx. 10 mm* = as special construction up to approx. 15 mm available on request

Strip width: standard range 200- 2500 mm* = as special construction up to approx. 3000 mm available on request

Recommended speed: standard range 1 m/min. to approx. 100 m/min.

Directional accuracy: up to +/- 0,1 mm

Directive forces: from 2 up to approx. 1.600 kN

Lengths of workpiece: individual lengths up to max. 6000 mm or endless strip

Diameters: max. approx. 5000 mm², depending on the materials to be levelled

Application area: coil strips, sheet blanks, round and flat components, special solutions for workpieces with complex geometry

General structure of WINTER bending and levelling machines:

- easily includable in existing production line

- constructive design of machines taken into account customers’ requirements as to the levelling process

- levelling machines are optimized for the use in fast strip feed plants

- very solid machine pedestal, executed in solid welding construction

- generously dimensioned feed rolls for careful strip transport

- high performance through optimally positioned roller supports

- hardened and finely ground straightening rolls guarantee a long lifetime

- levelling devices available with straightening cartridge, with hydraulically liftable upper straightening rolls   

advantage: good accessibility for cleaning and repair of straightening cartridge, low space requirement due to compact construction

- levelling device with or without driven straightening rolls, available as combined feed straightening device

- operation of feeding-levelling device preferably by AC-servo motors

- synchronised operation of straightening rolls and feeding rollers via solid, especially developed high-performance power divider from own production, highly dynamic design due to low inertia

- for quick and easy cleaning and  set-up, can be optionally equipped with a two-stage cleaning stroke and with a interchangeable roller cassette.

Accessories for WINTER bending and levelling machines

- exact and parallel adjustment of straightening rolls, values can be read via scales or gauges

- torsion-resistent machine tables with mounting options for inlet/outlet roller basket, insertion aid, automatically or manually adjustable inlet and outlet lateral guidings, loop bridges etc.

- hardened, ground and hard chromium plated rollers or vulcollan-coated rollers for inlet and outlet driving pulley

- mechanical or hydraulic roller opening alternatives

- diverse hydraulic insertion aids

- gauges or analogue measuring systems for digital storing straightening rolls positions

- motorized positioning of straightening rolls

- highly dynamic working  hydraulic intermediate ventilation for straightening rolls

- controlled by quick-acting valves with a switching time ≤ 10 msec

- central positioning of the guide rolls via hand-wheel turned spindle, gear motor or AC-servo axis

- moving bench for lateral traversal, manually or hydraulically adjustable loop bridges

- automatically working devices for lubrication of bearings

- for the manufacturing of endless strips the levelling machines can be equipped with a hydraulically operating ventilation device 

Bending and straighetning machines

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